Jewelry is producible from oak and elm that is known for its decorative pattern of wood.

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Wooden jewelry

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Brooch PP02

Various forms of brooch is beautiful and functional jewelry.

Wood: alker
0,8 X 7 X 7 cm
0,8 X 8 X 8 cm
PP02-1 Brooch PP02-2 Brooch PP02-3 Brooch PP02-4 Brooch
PP02-5 Brooch PP02-6 Brooch PP02-7 Brooch PP02-8 Brooch
PP02-9 Brooch PP02-10 Brooch PP02-11 Brooch PP02-12 Brooch
PP02-13 Brooch PP02-14 Brooch    

Necklace PP03

Necklaces of various sizes with round pendants, decorated with herbage stalks and wooden beading.

Wood: elm, oak
PP03-1 Necklace PP03-2 Necklace PP03-3 Necklace
PP03-4 Necklace PP03-5 Necklace PP03-6 Necklace

Bracelet PP08

Bracelets of various sizes can be decorated with herbage stalks (cornel, flax, rush...) or with no decorations.

Wood: elm
Width: 0,5 - 4 cm